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Unconventional strategies to help you intentionally build a career that gives you the life you want

About Us

Build a career that gives you the life you want!

  • Can you imagine looking forward to Monday mornings because you love your job? 

  • Wouldn’t it feel great to be respected, appreciated, and compensated appropriately for the work you do?

  • Are you interested in figuring out what you want to do with your life, finding your ideal employer, or doing your own thing someday?

  • What if you could create a career path that made it all possible? 

The Invincible Career® community can help you achieve your most important professional goals. We share unconventional strategies, advice, and wisdom to help you build the career and life you deserve!

I’m Dr. Larry Cornett, a leadership & career coach and business advisor at Invincible Career® in Northern California. I spent decades in Silicon Valley tech working my way up from entry-level designer to manager to VP to founder and CEO. I’ve been there and done that (and have the scars to prove it 😂), so I know how you feel and I’m here to help.

  • Have you ever wished you had a supportive mentor at work who could guide you through challenging situations?

  • Have you ever felt frustrated by slow progress or even felt completely stalled in your career advancement? 

  • Are you feeling unhappy, stressed, or burned out at work?

  • Have you ever quit a job to get away from a bad boss, terrible coworkers, or a toxic work environment? 

  • Don’t you deserve to be appreciated and compensated appropriately for your talent, knowledge, skills, and experience?

  • Do you dream about making a living doing more of what you love and less of the work you hate? 

My goal with this community is to help you claim your power, regain your freedom, and become invincible in your work and life! 

When you have an invincible career, you’re in control of how you make a living and spend your days. 

The ambitious members of this community learn how to create a lifestyle they will love. Find out how to succeed in your current job, make more money, find an even better job, and explore different career paths.

You will have access to my decades of industry experience as a tech professional, hiring manager, corporate executive, and business owner. I’ve written over 400 articles that help you learn how to:

  • Avoid a potential layoff.

  • Keep yourself from getting fired. 

  • Get more out of your job and employer. 

  • Navigate challenging work issues.

  • Deal with toxic coworkers and bosses. 

  • Ask for the raise you deserve and make more money. 

  • Land the promotion you want. 

  • Find a great new job faster than ever before. 

  • Make the right career move. 

  • Pivot and pursue a new career of your dreams. 

  • Explore low-risk ways to launch your own business. 

  • Achieve the kind of freedom in your life that you desire. 

Why You Should Join Us

You will become part of my exclusive career community and can connect with an experienced career coach and ambitious peers who want more out of work and life! Get the advice, feedback, and support you need to get ahead in your career!

I know that we’re all busy, and social media bombards us with constant updates and notifications. This community brings what you need for your professional development, feedback, accountability, and support into one place. 

Never miss the latest news, advice, tips, and research that can help you take full control of your job and career path! You deserve more, and my community will help you claim it.

If you choose to join us, you will receive a group coaching experience with a fresh professional development exercise or challenge every Monday. 

You’ll also be invited to our private Office Hours and a monthly live Zoom call to talk with me, meet other members, ask questions, and hear from guest speakers and experts.

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